Detailed Schedule

Detailed Schedule

Welcome/ Donuts 

9:00-10:00, Odum Room 

Session 1: Living Ecosystems: Flora, Fauna, and Feedbacks

10:00-11:00 am, Clark 133 in Brown Library

Moderator: Kayleigh Granville

Benthic Microalgal Metabolism in South Bay, VA

Luke Groff

The Effect of Plant Roots on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nest Success

Olivia Redding

The structural response of trees to drought stress is related to light partitioning

Jongmin Kim 

Too Close for Comfort? Investigating the impact of local vegetation on bumble bee colony growth, pollen foraging, and reproduction

Kelsey Schoenemann

Using Bats as Biomonitors of Heavy Metal pollution in Baltimore City

Chris Blume

15-minute break


Session 2: Approaches to Understanding Large Datasets: From Oceans to Atmosphere

11:15-12:15, Clark 133 in Brown Library

Moderator: Santi Munevar

Exploring Spatial and Temporal Difference Between High and Low Frequency Water Quality Data in Coastal Virginia

Emma Brahmey 

Investigating controls of the variations of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence using hyperspectral measurements

Rong Li 

Mean State Tropical High Cloud Relationship to ECS

Emma Dawson

Spatial portfolio effects support commercial fishery stability but fail to diffuse systematic risk

Sean Hardison 

A Climatological Study of Wind Systems within a Lee-side Valley Atmosphere

David Crowe

Lunch (for presenters)

12:15-1:00, Odum Room 

Poster Session 

1:00-2:00, Mural Room 

Moderator: Dat Ha

Twenty Years of Bathymetric Change in a Shallow Back-Barrier Bay

Tyler Barnes

Impacts of Bison and Cattle Grazing on Tallgrass Prairie Soil Organic Matter and Plant Community Composition

Henry Chin

Daily Space-Based Observations of Nitrogen Dioxide Inequalities in Major U.S. Cities

Isabella Dressel

Evaluation of Satellite Ammonia Observations for Describing Air Pollution Inequalities Associated with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Akirah Epps

Martian alluvial fans: Comparing fan and catchment areas as a proxy for paleoclimate

Ariana Flournoy

Air-water gas exchange over temperate seagrass meadows

Kayleigh Granville

Investigating effects of Arctic ice wedge degradation and warming on plant biomass and community composition using a nutrient-based model

Lindsay Grose

Changes in plant functional group biomass and tissue nutrient content across stages of ice wedge degradation and re-stabilization in the Arctic tundra of Jago River Reserve and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Kelcy Kent

Seawater Carbonate System Variability in the Virginia Coast Reserve LTER

Carly LaRoche

Can elevated soil salinity enhance the ecological trap effect of roadside pollinator habitat?

David Lovett

Understanding photosynthesis in an intertidal salt marsh using observations of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and carbon exchange

Hannah Mast

Outcrop perspectives on spatially variable retreat of the marine-terminating southern Cordilleran Ice Sheet

Marion McKenzie

The Association between Hot and Cold Weather and Emergency Department Admissions for Renal and Urinary Disease in Charlottesville, Virginia

Jesus Neyra

Comparative patterns of intraspecific and interspecific variability in canopy structure and foliar traits

Carmen Petras

Seed Bank and Plant Community Composition of an Early Successional Grassland

Stephanie Petrovick

Disease Associations to Heat Mortality in Virginia, 2005–2020

Patrick Roney

Testing for characteristic scales in valley shape using wavelet analysis

Vidushi Sharma

Does Bombus nest depth buffer the negative effects of climate change during the summer foraging season?

Preston Thompson

The Integrated Environmental Footprint Tool (IEFT): Projecting Nitrogen, Carbon, Water, and Phosphorus Footprints of UVA’s Climate Action Plans

Emma Vorathiankul

Session 3: Scaling Systems Across Time & Space

2:00-3:00 pm, Clark 133 in Brown Library 

Moderator: Marion McKenzie

Implications of warm pool bias in CMIP6 models on the Northern Hemisphere wintertime subtropical jet and precipitation

Huiyu Liu

Solar-Induced Fluorescence and Remotely Sensed Photosynthetic Seasonality in Boreal Forest Stands

Wayne Dawson III

Foliar spectral variability across scales of organization and time supports trait-based approaches for ecosystem analysis

Kelsey Huelsman

Kinematics of Scours in Laboratory Braided Channels 

Youwei Wang

Exploring Historical Carbon Storage in Virginia Coastal Reserve Seagrass Meadows

Renee Hebert

15-minute break


Session 4: Societal Impacts: Connecting Science to Community Needs

3:15-4:15 pm, Clark 133 in Brown Library 

Moderator: Carly LaRoche

A Forest of difference? Interrogating reforestation as abstract urban solution in Baltimore

Adriana DiSilvestro 

Preparing Periphery: Towards a Cultural Reparation Ecology in the Greater United States

William Shivers

The Nitrogen Action Plan: A Pathway to Meeting UVA’s 30% Nitrogen Reduction Goal

Andrew DiSanto

Understanding Satellite Observations of Nitrogen Dioxide Inequalities in U.S. Cities Using a Spatially Varying Coefficient Model

Xuehui Guo

Longevity of Water Purification Strategies Using Silver and Copper for Point-of-Use Water Treatment in Low-Resource Settings

Lana Homola

15-minute break


Keynote speaker: Dr. Dillon Mahmoudi 

4:30-5:30, Clark 107 / Zoom


5:30-6:30, Odum Room

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