Enviroday Research Symposium 2020

Date: February 28th
Location: Clark Hall, University of Virginia

Enviroday Research Symposium 2020

Photo Credit:
Brenden Michaelis
PhD Student of Hydrology
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Reidenbach

Enviroday Research Symposium 2020

Photo Credit:
Christopher So
PhD Student of Ecology
Advisor: Drs. Sally Pusede and Xi Yang

Enviroday Research Symposium 2020

EnviroDay Research Symposium 2020

Photo Credit:
Angelique Demetillo
PhD Student of Atmospheric Science
Advisor: Dr. Sally Pusede

About EnviroDay


Since 1986, graduate students in the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Virginia have organized an annual research symposium to showcase the breadth and depth of graduate and undergraduate student research in the environmental sciences. The event brings together students and faculty from various departments on Grounds, including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Architecture, Anthropology, and Sociology. It provides a vital opportunity for students to share research, practice presentations, and start new conversations and collaborations. This year's EnviroDay Research Symposium will feature a full day of oral and poster presentations followed by our keynote speaker Dr. Brooke Medly from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The event is free and open to all!

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